Sunday, March 29, 2015

For Mimi

Grandma, Mimi, Nana, Grammie,
that steady light which always waits,
always listens,
always hopes,
always loves.

As we grow in strength
she weakens,
as we blossom into beauty
she fades,
as we struggle in this world
she journeys toward the next.

Out of hardship, resolve and joy
she fashions a shining light,
a legacy of love,
and gifts it to all of us.

Remember this, for it is true
and brings great comfort:

Love is stronger than death.
Love wins. 

Amen. Alleluia!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Work Day

        Today dawned warm and bright, the perfect day for outside chores which have lain too long on the sideboard.  First up was righting the entire drip irrigation system in Maggie's Wood. This was my third go at the system and included adding some new lines for the brand new Peach and Bradford Pear that I planted last Tuesday. Leaks were mended, drippers reattached and cleared of debris. Alrighty-then, that should do it and we're ready for watering season.  I need Able to stop by sometime and cut up the dead apple tree that finally crashed to the ground over the winter.
       Next, plant the Canas and do some more weeding in the Prayer Garden. Hmmm…seems the deer have discovered tulips are especially delicious. In good news there are tulips planted everywhere so surely some of them will survive. Thanks Annie-roo.  I attached the little copper caps to the tops of all the fence posts. Very cute if I do say so myself.  I then did some patching on the side of the small fountain in that garden. Something has given it a swift kick during the winter and it sports quite a crack. I hope it will hold water. I may have to install a lining of some sort if it is a problem. Deer?

 Next up: Cleaning out the pond.

     I was waiting for Christy to show up and help me clean out the fountain pond but she backed out at the last minute.  Okay.  Cleaning out the pond involves catching the fish and transferring them to the secondary barrel and then bucketing out the water and using it to fertilize all the gardens in the area. Then, lying on the rocks or in the mud, you pull out all, or most of, the water lily roots and bucket out the muck at the bottom. That's all there is to it. I dread this job and have let the lilies get completely out of control.  There were so many roots and muck in there that the fish hardly had any water to swim in.
      It's really a treasure hunt in the oldest sense because I find all kinds of things at the bottom. This time besides finding several large rocks (which are waiting for someone stronger than I am to pull them out) I found three or four flower pots that had disintegrated or had their lilies escape, and the broken pieces of a quart jar. How I managed to not cut my hand off while groping around in the muck is beyond me (a minor miracle if there ever was one). I also found a small yellow sail boat, a blue drinking glass, the rod I use to clean out the tubing to the pump (yes!), a live clam, many snails, a frog who eyed me with suspicion and then croaked at me several times in disgust, and a small stainless steel bowl, none the worse for wear. There were no gold doubloons, sadly.
    What a job and soooo stinky! Nothing stinkier than muck at the bottom of a pond…well, there actually are lots of thing stinkier, now that I think about it. Let's not go there. I did the whole thing in stages, so I wouldn't have a heart attack and die draped over the edge of the pond, mucky up to my elbows. That would not be a good thing to have happen. I rested and read every now and then, and had some cool ginger tea. Yum. The pond has new water and has settled now and the fish have been returned to their now spacious digs. I left three of the lilies which ought to be enough to get it started again.  If anyone needs any water lilies for their pond I have plenty available. Speak now before I toss them into the tree row.  This is only the really good roots. The rest of them are piled high in two different wagons, waiting for me to have the energy to drag them away. Not tonight.

 That's all the work I'm doing today. Done.
 I will  sleep very well tonight.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poem: Walking In The Dark

Lantern lights three steps
whichever way I turn.
Three steps only.

Where am I?

I walk,
ears wide
eyes wide
hand up.

I know this place
but darkness disguises,
I recognize nothing
except…there, that tree.
Is it? yes…no? It is.


Stand still… breathe,
remember, connect.
You know this place,
see, there and here.
Yes, of course.

There is a moon.

Put out the light;
trust the space
your heart knows.


Darkness is not malicious,
it is a teacher, a mirror.
It shows you yourself.
You will not die.

Protect your eyes
and walk among the trees.

Love Thursday

Pear blossom showers and air pink tinged with fragrance of blooming peach trees.
Pansies lifting their cold weary leaves and bursting into vibrant, singing colors,
Daffodils standing in yellow clusters, nodding like gossiping girls,
Sunny Twinkles shining their little lights amid knee-high Larkspur 
which will soon blanket garden and field with soft lavender hues.

Wind chimes calling to the sleeping toad, "Time to wake up, a new day dawns."
Where are my gloves and trowel, where my garden clogs? 
I have beets that demand space in the raised beds 
and wooden fences that cry out for climbing roses. 

Where to begin, I ask, grinning from ear to ear. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Poem: Pear Blossom

Across the pavement they come,
hundreds of single white petals,
pear blossom scattered by the wind,
gamboling, skipping, skittering
one after the other, chasing,
hopping, jumping toward me
on the first true breath of Spring.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Women on the $20

With such a large number of incredible women who have worked and suffered for political and social change in this country it seems ridiculous that there would have to be petition push in order to have even one of them honored on our national currency. Let's be honest, some of those men whose face stare at us off our money were not good people. Why are they honored and these brave, smart, resourceful women have been ignored and allowed to fall out of our history books? Incredible.
      Of the many, many women who are a part of our American history and worthy of our attention, a small group have been brought forward for your consideration. Go to and take awhile to read through the biographies of each of them before casting your vote for three. I had a difficult time choosing only three because all of them are amazing people.  I was embarrassed to admit that I was not familiar with every one of them. Some of these women's names I had never even heard before. How is that possible?
       The top three winners of the national poll will be voted on again, later, and the winner will be presented to congress as our choice for the woman to replace Jackson on the twenty dollar bill. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the amendment giving women the right to vote in this country.  It is our goal to have this accomplished in time for that anniversary.