Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Doings at the Blakley Farm

Despite a late snow, howling winds, thunder, lightning and blowing rain we have tiny green peaches snuggled inside these pink blossoms and, on the hill, apricots on both trees. It is not harvest time yet, but we have crossed a couple of hurdles in that direction. Now we wait and watch.
Our Easter celebration of new life was wonderful, as it always is when the very young are involved. Their excitement about simple things spills over onto everyone and blesses the rest of us. We stop taking ourselves so seriously for a moment and join in the hunt for colored eggs. This young hunter found a snake as well this year. He is curious about many things, including snakes, baby chicks and eggs that rattle. (Yes, it was amazingly sunny on Easter afternoon, hence the sunglasses.) We also discovered these early violets in what was once Abbey's garden. All the beds have been reconfigured many times but these violets remain in the same spot where they have been for years and years. I brought them to the farm when we were first married; they came from the garden behind my house in Enid.
Here are B and Magpie, Jingleboy and one of Aunt Audra's pandas at the end of the Easter Mass. This was Brendan's and Jingleboy's first year to participate in the Creation story and they both did it up proud. I had several people come up to me and ask me what was going on with the Easter elf . Easter Elf, that's a new moniker for old J.B.. When we sang the big Hymn of Celebration at the end of the service B joined in with the A B C song, singing just a loudly as he could. I loved it. Hooray for uninhibited singing from the heart!
Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!

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