"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Simple Things

One of the things that is so endearing about young children is their delight in the simplest things. We know so much, or think we do, about 'things that matter', complicated, intricate things. There are so many fascinating things to learn and think about; how does the bumblebee fly so well when all the physics says it shouldn't be able to fly at all. It is easy to forget the joy of the smallest flower or the beauty in the sound of the first frog, raising his voice after a summer rain. The other day, when Abbey's crew were our here for a visit, Little B and I went for our hike down under the bridge to watch the swallows flying, I told you about it. The swallows were interesting to him but the thing that made him laugh out loud was a plant we call 'botany badge'. Here is a picture for you. (Sorry, my computer and I are fighting about whether or not to show this picture; it is winning, at present). I don't know the name of this funny plant but it can be invasive if you don't keep it pulled out of places. It has leaves that grow out, sideways in a circle but only every couple of inches of so, not on the entire stem, AND (its finest point by far) the whole plant is very, very sticky, not slimy, you just can't let go of it. When we are on 'an adventure' we always pull off a little bit of this happy fellow and put in on other people's shirts. We call it our 'Botany badge'. I introduced B to it that day under the bridge and we practiced saying its name over and over again, 'botany badge, botany badge, botneebadge (was what it came to sound like). He thought that was the funniest sounding name ever! Best of all, later in the day, after lunch and naps and lots of play in the shade of the porch, we found one plant growing in our own garden, at the base of the orange daylilies, and he remembered the name! What fun! We both had to have a little botneebadge on our shirts for the remainder of the walk. After awhile, something about having it on his shirt seemed to bother him and he tossed it away, making a face. I think the fact that it continued to hold on and stay in place must have creeped him out a little bit. I love it that he is becoming more and more comfortable with the natural world.

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