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Friday, May 28, 2010

St. Louis Trip

We are back from our journey to St. Louis to visit Audie and Zach and take her some of her items from the baby shower. That is a long drive and full of construction for some reason; also lots of big wrecks, so we were happy to have slipped through unscathed. We arrived on Audra's birthday and headed out to Dewey's for some delicious pizza. Happy 27th birthday to Audra Feliz! Here are Danny, Audie and I at Dewey's, full of pizza. While we were there we did some backyard cooking out, some throwing things at the squirrels (if you are from St. Louis you know what I mean), checked out the gardens and bought a few more things that were crying for a home. I can not resist walking around in plant nurseries, even if I don't live in that town. What is wrong with me??? I think I am an addict and need to get therapy...maybe some sort of twelve step program.
On Sunday we went back to the fabulous Fox Theatre and saw Young Frankenstein. It was wonderful, as live theatre is. Young Frankenstein is a Mel Brooks play so there were way more sexual inuendos than I am comfortable with. I wonder why he has to be so far over that particular edge??? I knew what it was when I picked it up, so it was okay
Audie seems to be all set for the arrival of this sweet little boy child. All that is left now is the getting him out of there, somehow (ah, there's the rub indeed). She will do fine I'm sure but it is a little scarey the first time you go through it, for the mom and the dad. I'm sure Zach will be wonderful for her, he always is. Birth can be a little messy, any way you look at it.
We also visited the Vatican exhibit at the Missouri History Museum. It was okay, but there were not as many treasures as I would have hoped for. It seemed like lots of pictures and history and not many actual items. I understand that it is difficult to transport the Sistine Chapel across the ocean, I mean really. By the end of the tour the popes had begun to look absolutely ridiculous in those long red gowns with the frilly white petticoats showing; which is indicative of the much larger problems facing the church, moving out of the Renaissance into this century. They don't ask me my opinion, however, so I won't be able to do much good there. . Jangle and I blowing the horn in the Trolley Car at the Missouri Museum of History
Here is Jangle, outside the museum, sitting on a stone map of the journey of Lewis and Clark. No, still no word from his brother. I hope he is off on an adventure somewhere and that he will at least drop us a line from time to time. He does love adventures....(he forgot his passport so at least he won't be able to slip out of the country).
I crammed my Bookclub book into my days, here and there, so I would be ready for our meeting on Thursday evening and then forgot to go. I had gone over to visit my Dad and we were having such a good time that I forgot all about anything. We planted purslane on my mom's grave and cleaned it up for Memorial Day. I left her a beautiful vase full of all the flowers that are presently blooming in my garden: galardia, larkspur, geranium, lilies, chamomile and roses. That is exactly what she would love to see, I think.

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