"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, May 31, 2010

Westward Ho, Part II

Sunday we slept late and then made our way downtown to the Savory Spices shop for some vanilla beans and some new cinnamon. This store is such a delight to the senses, I can hardly begin to tell you. It is an old store that has wooden floors. All the spices are in bulk jars and also in smaller jars for sale. They have spices from many regions of the world and mixes of all of them. The people who run the store are wonderfully friendly and helpful and, best of all, never pushy and content to let you wander and sniff to your hearts content. I always end up buying more than I went in to get. The aroma is a rich blend of all of these married together and permeating the wood of the walls, shelves and floors. You can watch them hand mix several spices together in huge wooden bowls any time. I highly recommend it to any of you who love fresh and interesting spices to use in your cooking. Then we headed up into the mountains; we were aiming for the summit. First we stopped by Red Rock, to see the formations and the concert stage where all the big names come to play any and every kind of music known to man. It was gynormous, to say the least. Then we started west in earnest; after hours of twists and turns (oh, my aching stomach...and my head) we stopped at the Sunrise Cafe and had a light lunch and a lingering visit, while we gazed out at the mountains surrounding us. Down the road quite a ways we found this lovely rock chapel and Able went wading in the creek again, just so he could say he did. The word on the street was that they were going to have Mass there at five but we had places to be so we loaded up again drove on. We did finally make the top, after driving past the timber line and on up into slopes covered with snow and drifts beside the road that stood taller than a man. They had just yesterday opened the pass to travelers; wow. I was soooooo glad Able had brought along hoodies for everyone. We got out at the top and hiked up the last ways. I made it to what I'll call Base Camp 4, almost there but not quite. I was beginning to get light headed and panting like a lizard so we stopped there, looked at the different rock formations, took some pictures, let our hearts calm down a bit and headed back down to the car. I did stop and drink some of the 'Holy water' from a clear pool, and I dipped my hands in up to the wrist. It was better than Mass could ever be, for me. We stopped for Bar-B-Q on the way down at Smokin' Dave's in Estes Park (wonderful) and ended up having to play 'Name that Animal' the last part of the way down the mountain because we were all falling asleep from exhaustion. I was so beat that Danny, bless his heart, just took my boots off for me and let me sleep, once I made it to the bed, in the clothes I had on. I think it's safe to say that we overdid it a bit today.

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