"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Able comes

Uncle Able can work magic. He has been honing this skill since he was a little boy: bringing the light into a space subdued by unhappiness, fear or anger. It is one of his gifts, most of which relate to dealing with people.
Able flew into STL late last night and is blessing us with his wit and humor today. The shadows, though still lurking behind our eyes, have been chased from the corners of the rooms. He has been on a mission this afternoon to find Bigs Sunflower Seeds somewhere in the St. Louis area; apparently they are life changing (I have never heard of them). Here Zach and he are deep into the hunt.
Audie made little Zane smile a big smile this afternoon by singing him her selection of silly songs: One Night One Morn, The Budweiser Beer song(not a silly song, according to Zach) and The Weenie Man, to name a few.
I ventured out on a shopping trip to a fabric store; a jaunt which took far longer than is necessary to purchase white thread (so I was told). Come on! Fabric stores are very akin to book stores; you wander and things call you over for a visit. Luckily I did remember the thread...at the last minute.
Here is Zane with his big blue eyes wide open. He was listening to his mom telling him about how wonderful he was.

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