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Monday, June 21, 2010

Dashing to Town

There are a multitude of things going on in the farm scene right now; so many, in fact, that I can't find time to blog about all of them, or any of them for that matter. I will simply begin with this quick take on my recent trip to town; it will give you an idea of the general blur. The words in italics are my thoughts as I was driving. I headed west down the shale road and the very first thing I noticed was that our alfalfa had been cut and was lying in the sun, curing. When did they cut this? I didn't hear or see anything. Am I losing my mind? Half a mile down the road I passed a grain semi, a heavy pickup pulling a combine header and another heavy service pickup (it was fitted with large compartments on the back and held all the tools and instruments of repair for the custom cutting crew). Hmmmm...I wonder where the rest of the crew is. They sure finished that field in a hurry. I turned north and soon hit the blacktop road and within a half a mile I had pulled up behind a pickup pulling a large grain cart. Zip. Oh here they are; I hope there is no traffic coming from the other way. Wow! That corn is beautiful and tasseled already. I hope the temps stay low enough for it to pollinate this year. Why do people keep planting corn in Oklahoma? It's too hot here. Zip...As I pulled around another pickup pulling two stacked headers I saw the actual combines up ahead. The John Deere combines that the custom crews use are huge and even when they try to pull over a little, to let a car go by, they still take up most of the road. One must be brave. Bye guys! Have fun storming the castle. zip...zip.. Ah, John's hay is cut and down in the field too. Everything seems to be happening at the same time. I wonder why those cars are at the school? Zip....zip....another semi up ahead....zip.....another combine...zip Another field of corn...hmmm...they planted that too late. It will never make. I hope they insured it. I caught up with a shiny black pickup in the lead....zip....and done. I wonder where these guys are going? Most of these fields have been cut, except for the mud holes. K*******'s must have some fields up north aways. How do they keep their machines so clean? Ours are always filthy. As I pulled up to the cross road, ready to turn west again, a semi truck carrying an International combine flew past going east, followed by a pickup pulling the header and another truck with a tractor on the back and pulling a grain cart. Hey! Today is the day for the harvest parades and I am lucky enough to be part of it. I feel like a Shriner clown! Yipee! Lord it's hot. I'm glad we finished our harvest and have moved on to other things. As I drove west I noticed an entire wheat field cut and with huge round bales dotting the field. A four wheel drive tractor hooked to a disc sat at the side, waiting for the bales to be hauled. I wonder why he needed all that wheat straw? Maybe his wheat was hailed out and he decided to bale the whole thing. Tucker is cutting I see; a semi, a pickup, two combines and a grain cart hooked to a tractor. They didn't hire their wheat cut this year I guess. Right about then I received a call from Danny saying they going to the field to try the oats and see if they were ready to cut and could I come get him. No, I couldn't, since I was already in town. Where is my camera? I should be getting some shots of all this halabaloo for the blog. I should write a poem about this. I'll think about that later, after I get groceries and a hair cut and that part for the toilet at the lake and some fruit fresh so we can work the peaches when they are ready. I need a garden cart ....and a watering system for Maggie's Wood. I'm going to Sonic.


Nutmegger said...

Hi Aunt deb,
Do you think I could send PRes and maybe Alex next year for harvest? In theory school will be out sooner then this year. Today is the first day of summer for them. Just a thought. Erica

DebB said...

Sure! We harvest so little wheat now that wheat harvest takes only about two days but we harvest oats and put up hay, all good farm stuff. Of course there is always tons of garden and yard work to do and I always need help with those things. We won't know until about March next year when harvest will be, but we will lt you know. Should be around June 10th.