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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farming Overload

Granted, there are times, in the dead of winter with the snow flying sideways, when work on our farms consists mainly of hauling hay to the cows and working on machinery, inside. Summer, however, is the flip side of that coin with everything happening simultaneously. A few days ago I wandered around, snapping pics of everything, so you could get a glimpse into the window of our days. As soon as we could pull on our clothes we jumped into the pickup and traveled to Douglas to work on the corral we are 'reconfiguring'. Welding in the sunshine seems completely insane to me, but it needed to be done. Danny did all the work while I was his fetch and carry girl. Here is a picture of some of our blend of cattle breeds, which I have named Phoenix. The breed is a mix of Angus, Shorthorn and Herefords. These are the Hereford cows and the calves out of the Shorthorn bull. The plan is to breed these calves back to an Angus bull and those calves should be our first Phoenix calves. Nice looking cattle, don't you think?
Hereford/Shorthorn cross calves. This is the alfalfa hay being raked for drying; they will come back in the cool of night and roll it into round bales for us. This crew does the cutting and baling and gets a portion of the bales as payment; the barter system.
Here is Danny starting on cutting the oats on the same place we worked on the corral earlier in the morning. Oats are a delicate looking crop, in the field, but make quite a lot of grain, which we will mix with cleanings from the grain elevator to feed the cows during the winter months, along with the alfalfa, as well as native grass hay.
Just across the road our neighbor to the south is still working on cutting his wheat; he too did not hire a crew to do the work. Some of us still harvest the 'old fashioned way'. While Danny cut oats, I went home and worked on the watering system for Maggie's Wood. Unfortunately I was only able to finish half of it before coming to STL; hopefully Danny will complete it when he goes home. I worry about these young trees in the blazing heat that is July in Oklahoma.

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