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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gardening News

Since I will soon fly off to help Audra with her new baby, I had to step up the tempo of getting the garden in order. Monday I attacked the spots in which the Johnson Grass and its sidekick Crab Grass were terrorizing the locals. In the process of cleaning up those neighborhoods (we call it 'beating back the chaos) I discovered another spot where there had been potatoes planted and then forgotten. I think I neglected to tell you about coming home from my earlier jaunts and finding that every shred of potato vine was eaten and gone. I dug these beauties last week, they cured, and we took a few over to Dad's for creamed peas and potatoes, a family favorite. I dug the found spuds, picked the squash, sprayed for bugs, checked the beans for blossoms (yes!), and walked the Wood and did the math to see how much tubing I would need for the drip system. In the evening I mowed the yard and the Wood. This morning I was out before dawn beginning the installation of the drip system while Danny mowed the cemetery. As it turned out, surprise, I had to make a run into town for more drip lines, and some mulch for the east herb garden; I caught a break there (I was so ready for a cold drink and some shade by the time I made this discovery). Last night I was feeling very earthy and decided to cut and hang my lavender. I bundled it up and tied it with red ribbons and hung it from the curtain rods to dry. I was feeling very good about myself, but as the evening wore on I realized that I was becoming so stuffed up that breathing was soon going to become an issue. Drat! Out they all went, under the shade of the porch to dry. I wanted the house to smell of lavender but, once again, the allergies raised the hand of protest. Alas. If anyone wants some to make your own house smell sweet, I have lots and would love to share.

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