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Friday, June 18, 2010

Tea Time

I sometimes wish I had one of those fancy-schmancy cameras with which it is possible to snap pictures on the sly, quickly and have them end up in focus. Be that as it may.... The lovely child pictured here is doing something that little girls have always loved to do: playing dress-up with her grandma. I was lucky enough to be included on the guest list for this delightful trip to the Inspirations Tea Room, in Edmond. I imagine men avoid this place like the plague because it is everything pretty and feminine, lovingly tucked under one roof with hats available to wear while you have your tea, to add to the joy of the day. I was sorry we did not wear ours while we ate; it didn't occur to us I suppose, but next time I go I will be wearing one, and that is a promise. What could be better than to go out for a fancy lunch with your mom and one of your grandmothers? A lunch complete with mixed berry scones with lemon curd, homemade soup in a miniature china cup, delicious salads full of fruits and nuts and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Oh for the sweet and innocent days of 'let's pretend'! Here is a picture of the group, sans the photographer, so you can get the full effect. The luncheon inspired me to scribble down a little poem to celebrate the occasion and here it is:

Calling all girls! Calling all girls!

Slip on your jewelry and fluff up your curls,

A touch of perfume and a skirt that will twirl,

We’re going out for tea!

No boys allowed! Send them to fish!

We will eat scones from a white china dish,

And apples and almonds and all that we wish,

We’re going out for tea!

We must wear our hats, (the ones from the race),

And bracelets with rhinestones to light up the place,

And smiles and giggles and ribbons and lace,

We’re going out for tea!

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