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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A trip to the farm

Abbey and her children have been here visiting for the last four days, since Brent was off on an adventure with some of his students. I love it when they come to the farm to stay for a few days; it is exhausting but I love having everyone here together and sharing good times. Abbey still had to work online so I was up solo, most of the time, with the kiddos. Here are some pics of our fun on the farm. Maggie is now ten months young and working on her pre-walking skills. She knows a few hand signs and uses them correctly. I love her twinkling spirit and her funny little bear crawl which she uses whenever she is not on a carpet. Here she is looking especially winsome.

Brendan spent a lot of time making friends with the cat this time around. Up to this point their relationship had consisted of B chasing the cat all over the farm while screaming. This time the cat wound its way around and through B's legs, flopped down in front of him for pats and played bat the stick. They spent quite a bit of time together and both seemed to enjoy the company. B also helped me in the garden, picking strawberries and using his wheelbarrow to fill in a sink hole that had appeared out of nowhere. He likes to help. As you can see, my garden is huge this summer due to all the rain we have been getting. The roses are higher than my head, the basil is up to my waist and the lavender, which B and I call 'flowers for your face', is deliciously aromatic. We rub it in our hands and then rub our hands on our faces and ears to keep away the gnats and mosquitoes.

No, we are not cutting wheat yet but are getting very close; they have taken a sample but the grain has not yet bowed its head in readiness; maybe this week-end when Able is home to help. The traditional date for harvest to begin is June the tenth but we have begun in May some years and were cutting in July in others. It depends on the weather and the rain mostly but seed type factors in there too. Of course Danny and his brother are firmly locked into that extreme harvest urgency that translates into 'hurry up and wait' and makes everyone crazy. I always elect not to participate in that whirling madness. We went on an adventure to Meadowlake amusement park to ride the rides one evening. B rode the little cars and the airplane (the same ones my own children rode when they were his age) and we all rode the merry-go-round TWICE. Since he was new to the genre he decided to ride the little pony, whom he named Reddy Donkey, instead of the up and down horses. By the end of the second ride he was feeling much more relaxed and enjoying himself I think. We were also able to see some real live geese, up close and personal) and play on a play ground before getting our snow cones and heading for the farm and bed. Lots of excitement for our little guy and Miss M. Notice his not so excited face in this shot. He is being very brave here, as he is not fond of new things that he doesn't understand.

Sadly for me, since we are now on daylight savings time, Brendan is never up and awake by the time the stars come out; star gazing is one of my favorite things to do when he comes to the farm. However, the fireflies are here and soon will be at their height of wonderfulness. I will make sure we get a chance to stand on the bridge and watch them dance.

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