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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Westward Ho: part III

The day following our trek up the mountain was a quiet one. We slept late and then wandered down the street to a small coffee house for brunch and quiet conversation. Then it was back home, enjoying all the blooming Iris and Peonies and then everyone was back down for a nap; as my mother was want to say, we had "run our ribbons out" the day before. Able and I woke up after an hour or so and slipped out to visit the Denver Botanical Gardens. You know that gardens are some of my favorite places and this one was especially lovely. It is laid out in small alcoves with arbors and benches so visitors can sit in the shade and breathe in the lovely scents of herbs and flowers. Abe and I had a grand time; we discovered some new Iris varieties I would love to have (I took these shots for you, Ann). The Gardens also have a huge tent over a grassy area for picnicking and resting in the cooler shade, and a sunken performance stadium with seating on the sloped, grassed sides of the four sides. What a wonderful idea! Able says he will have to come out for a concert sometime soon. The following morning I wound my way through security at Denver International and flew southwest to Tucson, Arizona, where I have been for the last couple of days. I'll fill you in on more of the Tucson story later. It is very, very different out here in the desert but I like it.

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