"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Friday, July 30, 2010

Able in Accident

After the many disasters and victories of the day yesterday we decided to 'hang it up' and watch a a rerun of The Mentalist and set the trials of the day aside. (I won't even go into it. You do not need to know). The phone rang and I answered it to hear Audra say, and I quote, "Let me start by saying that Able is okay." If you are a parent, you know that those words (although better than these, " Able is in the hospital.") can affect you like no others. It is as if your entire being has been taken hold of and given a fierce shake, followed by one deep breath, a focusing of the mind and an immense self-generated calm at the center of your heart. Able had been in an accident while riding a friend's bicycle along a bike path, apparently, and had found his way to a hospital. He had called Audra so she could call us. He got all the scans, was observed and tested and is home resting and trying to remember yesterday. He lost a day. He may not get it back. If you have never met our Able Worth you have missed a great pleasure and a good friend. He is a wonder, the best of men and the best of friends to everyone who knows him. He is surrounded by good friends there, in Denver, and they and my brother's family who live nearby are taking care of him, watching, listening, calming and reassuring him that he will be fine. His memory is scrambled but seems to be coming back piece by piece. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers on his behalf. The link above is to a poem I wrote about him for his birthday a year ago.


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You, my dear, are a blessing and a loyal friend to my children. Love ya.