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Thursday, July 29, 2010

August Meteor Shower Celebration

We will be having our annual Star gazing party again this year on the night of August 12Th. We will meet at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, which sets on our quarter. If you have joined us in years past you know the way here. If this is your first year to attend simply go to Pioneer School (six miles east of Waukomis), turn south and drive three miles, turn back east for one mile (watch out! This is the gravel road; slow down) then turn south again for one half mile. You will find us at the cemetery at the top of the hill. We will be going up at around 10:30; the best viewing is supposed to be after midnight but there are always some before then. Bring blankets or lawn chairs, whichever you prefer, something to keep the bugs off, a sense of humor, patience, water if you think you'll need something to drink, a flashlight, a pillow if you are using a blanket, and a friend. Our group is always different and we have a great time. You may stay as long as you like or leave whenever you wish. If you want to stay the night, we have extra beds, lots of floor space and a big yard, if you are into pitching tents. If you stay the night we promise to feed you a wonderful breakfast in the morning. Hope to see some of you on the evening of the 12th.

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