"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back Home

I am back in the Sooner State again! This morning I woke up not knowing where I was. I have been to so many different places lately that when I walked into my own home it didn't feel like home to me. Weird. I set out to find my gardens as soon as Danny left for the field. But before I even got down the steps Samson, my cat, had found me and demanded my attention. Oh my gosh!!! He was so, so excited to have me home. We loved on each other for a good ten minutes before he would let me go on out to work. What a cute guy. He came with me as I pulled weeds and trimmed roses and wisteria. At one point he reached way up with his front paws, hugged my leg and lay his head on my knee. It's nice to be loved. I pulled crabgrass and Johnson Grass and cut back old growth. I fired up the lawn mower and tried to 'rediscover America', as my children used to way. I haven't even made it over to the vegetable gardens yet, although I spied some big squash from a distance. Maggie's Wood is looking fabulous now that it has all the water it needs. Of course, once we had the watering system set up it started raining and hasn't stopped since. Typical nonsense. The peaches have started to turn so I may have some to can or freeze soon. We will see what happens. I let some beautiful dill worms live this morning (they usually get stepped on immediately) so they will mature into butterflies soon. Oh, speaking of butterflies, when we were at church in Bloomfield, with Zach's parents something incredibly lovely happened. We were visiting with all their friends and folks were oohhing and ahhing over little Zane, when a beautiful butterfly appeared and flew in a circle around us and then fluttered away. The miracle was that one of Amy's best friends had died, suddenly, last summer, a woman who watched Zach grow up and would have so loved to meet his son, little Zane. We weren't even talking about Angie but when the butterfly flew around all of us her image came strongly to my mind. I felt that it was a sign for us that Angie was there, joining in the blessing of this tiny boy who looks so much like his daddy. I

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