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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blessings Galore

Had a wonderful visit from the Richards clan on Sunday. B and his mom helped me make a rhubarb pie, with fresh rhubarb from our north garden, especially for Great Grandpa Dotter. It is one of his favorites.
B is quite the little helper in the kitchen and Abb and I love to have him there with us, learning and stirring.
We had the creek adventure (see previous post), and we had some swimming fun in our little pool on the porch, with all kids and feet in the pool. The temp that afternoon was 102 degrees, with a strong south wind behind it, we later discovered. It felt all of that, I must admit.
Dad and Ann had picked more Sand Plums which I intend to make into jelly this afternoon when he comes over. I got a little too hot the other morning, weeding with my sister in the hot hot sun, so today I am staying inside where it is cool. Had a rough night last night for some reason having to do with the inability to breathe (which, as it turns out, is important). Too much driving down dusty roads I think.
The locusts are abuzz in the Cottonwoods that shade the house and all manner of small creatures flit and flutter throughout my gardens, touching down on every blossom with a blessing and a kiss. It is wonderfully Summer and I am soaking it up now to remember in the sleet and chill of the February.
This morning I ran the sprinkler on the vegetables in return for this lovely harvest of tomatoes, banana peppers and squash. I know there are green beans out there for the picking, but I haven't had either the time or the heart to look for them. Choosing my battles this summer.

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