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Friday, July 2, 2010

Book Review: The Transit of Venus

My dad gave me The Transit of Venus, by Shirley Hazzard, as a retirement gift. It reminds me of a complicated pop up book in that, when you open it, the intricacies of the engineering involved are akin to magic; causing the unbelieving intake of the slow breath.
Transit is the story of two sisters, orphaned in childhood, and the paths of their lives. It is about different approaches to love and commitment, each of which has its own price and the scars that accompany.
I loved the unique writing style of this woman; breaking all manner of grammar and punctuation rules to wondrous effect. She is able to layer onto the page, atop dialog and story, the motivations of the characters, the unseen shifts of light, verbal and emotional games, secrets and power plays. Masterful!
No, it is not an easy read but so, so delicious; like a thin slice of turtle cheesecake, it should be eaten slowly, in small bites and savored on the breath.

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