"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creek Adventure with B

B and I went on an a creek adventure this morning. It began, as they usually do, with gathering and throwing rocks and sticks off the bridge and watching them splash into the creek below. We noticed some big Catfish swimming down below, facing upstream and staying in the same place. We noticed the swallows zipping around us and then flying beneath the bridge. B knows that their nests are there, cemented to the underside of the bridge with mud from the banks, taken in their beaks, earlier in the season. We decided to go down below so we could throw better and get to the bigger rocks. The path to 'under the bridge' is uneven, covered in plants that are taller than B, has random big rocks thrown in the way and smaller rocks that tend to slip and slide, along with the people that walk on them. The journey, like so many, required us to hold hands, lean on each other and help each other not to fall. I loved it. Once under the bridge we threw rocks, made our way even farther down the bank, sat on the 'big rock' together and watched the swallows feeding their babies and tried to see the fish again. We decided to go all the way to the water, if we could. This is the first time we have been that far. Off we went, through the underbrush, across more slippy rocks, moving sideways down the bank toward the creek. Finally we had to sit down and crab walk down the last little bit. We stepped into the water and found the bottom of the creek covered with rocks as well! Who knew? B had thought it would be muddy but it was actually too rocky to allow easy walking at that particular point. We washed our legs, threw some more stones, saw the fish up close and decided to just watch and not try to catch them. We discovered that somewhere along the way he had lost his visor. When it was time to go back up top we bear crawled up all the rocks to the top. We were both very hot and dirty so, once we had walked back to the house, B stripped down and took a shower outside under the high faucet. He called it a waterfall and dunked his little head under the cool water, laughing. Here are some of the things we learned on our trek. I think they are good lessons for life as well as for adventures. 1. When you go exploring, it is better to have a friend along. 2. Decide where you want to go and head in that direction. 3. Take your time and keep your footing. 4. Hold some one's hand for courage and support if you need to. 5. Take breaks along the way to watch and enjoy what is happening where you are. 6. Sometimes things get lost. 7. Climbing up necessitates the use of hands and feet, eyes and mind and thinking ahead. 8. There will be things that get in your way that are too big to get over. Find a way around them and continue. Don't give up or you will be stuck. 9. It is good to have someone behind you to catch you if you slip backwards. 10. Sometimes the shortest route has impossible difficulties and you have to find another way. 11. The very last step may, in fact, be the hardest. Work together and keep going. 12. Sometimes your helper needs help as well. 13. If you are having a grand adventure you will probably get dirty.

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