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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grass Fed Beef

In these days of unrelenting Summer heat the cattle seek refuge under the trees or belly deep in ponds. June was filled with sorting and weening the cows and calves as well as shifting the bulls to different pastures and hauling the stocker calves to the sale. Prices have been very good lately and our calves have sold well. Fall weather will bring more new babies and culling the oldest of the cows for sale before colder weather.

We have had people ask about buying grass fed beef from our herd and we are very willing to sell beef, on the hoof, for any of you who wish to purchase or split a purchase with friends. A quarter of a beef is usually all most people can store at once. In buying meat this way, directly from the producer, you are able to skip the horrors and confinement of the feed lots, the doses of antibiotics and hormones that are present in most beef you get from the store and you also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your animal has been treated humanely throughout its life. We run our calves on grass, native types and Bermuda, until one week prior to butchering and then feed them oats, that we have grown ourselves, in the lot the last week. If you are interested in buying some grass fed beef, straight from the farm, give me a call at 580-541-9149 and we will discuss it.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch the movie Food Inc. you should. It is a truthful look at big agriculture today and will change the way you look at food bought in stores and restaurants. It is not hyped up, this is the way big business works in agriculture and the small farmer is fast being pushed out of business for good. We are far past the point of putting our heads in the sand on this issue and I encourage you to become aware of how your food is grown and 'treated' prior to your purchasing it.

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