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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Thursday: Singing with Maggie

I seem to have forgotten about LTs, what with all the flare and flourish of school/teaching coming to a screeching halt and this summer's doings. Here goes. I love singing to babies; when they are quite small and are still willing to snuggle and be rocked a bit, or when they aren't feeling well and need more of this and, therefore, will abide it. Lately I have especially loved rocking and singing with Miss Maggie. Even as a small baby she loved to lay her face against mine and have me hum to her. I was amazed at how long she would hold very, very still if I kept humming to her. Last week-end, during their visit to the farm, Maggie was restless, tired but not sleepy (we've all been there) AND, being her mother's daughter, didn't want to miss anything by falling asleep. She and I sat in the rocker, a little way away from the hub-bub, and I sang quiet songs to her and she sang right along with me, in her sweet floaty infant voice. What a sweet duet! Her mom loves to sing and I think Maggie will too. I hope so. B would never snuggle with me, when he was a little guy, so I am thrilled to love on this sweet little snuggly girl.

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