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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Shower and Fresh Peaches

After running errands in Enid all morning I came home and began labeling some pictures I had promised to send to people. Sensing a change in the light I looked up to discover, as the RL Stevenson poem says, "The rain is raining, all around, it falls on field and tree; it falls on the umbrellas here and on the ships at sea." Hip, Hip Hooray! That means I won't have to be out dragging the hoses around today (always a happy discovery). The peaches are ripe and tomorrow I will have Dad over to help me work and freeze them. My poor tree, weakened by the blasted borers has split and broken, branch after branch. My sis says to prune them short and only harvest on low branches. I will see what remains at the end of the season and decide what can be done to save the old girl. The fruit is presently being feasted upon by Japanese Beetles; beautiful and great to have in insect collections for school, but a blight on ripening fruit. They are a huge family and love to dine together, with a few Yellow Jackets invited to add spice to the conversation, as you can see. I am not getting much from the gardens now except tomatoes, squash, peaches and a few banana peppers. There are a very few beets remaining in the ground but they will be pithy and bland after the baking heat we have experienced the last couple of weeks. It is time to begin planting the Fall garden since I will be able to care for it this year. What fun! I am keeping my eye on some young trees, including a healthy Mimosa, that I am letting grow in amongst my flowers. This Fall I will transplant them out into Maggie's Wood, expanding its borders farther South. I also brought home some Oak seedlings from STL and spotted some young Cottonwoods along the creek bank, to add to the diversity. This wood will be glorious and majestic one day, I know it, despite what the scoffers are saying (within my hearing I might add). Oh yes, there has been laughter and sneering from neighbors and passers by. Let them laugh! I trust the Earth to nourish sustain that which I plant in the rich soil of this valley. We work together for good. Thanks to all of you who have clicked the Follow button on my blog. It is nice to know who is stopping by for a visit now and then. TTFN

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