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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zane's Baptism

We flew to ST Louis this week-end for Zane's baptism and flew back late last night. We had a wonderful visit (all three of my kids were there so how could it not be?) and met a few more of Zach's extended family. Great food, wonderful time together and, best of all, lots of opportunities to cuddle little Zane and whisper blessings upon his head. Abbey brought Maggie along for comic relief (and due to the fact that they can't be apart yet or they will both go insane). Magpie is hilarious and in constant motion, in the tradition of all eleven month old babies. The only problem being that she can stand alone but can not yet actually walk by herself. She required lots of watching, carrying and catching which was tons of fun. I lost her once, while I was on deck for watching duty, and discovered that she had hidden very quietly in a closet. Maggie thought it was great!
Zane is growing like a weed: 23 3/4 inches long now and 11.7 pounds. He is just the right size for snuggling, just like his cousin Maggie I guess there isn't a wrong size for that. Maggie was very gentle with Zane, giving him lots of gentle pats and commandeering his swing for her own chaise lounge. It was a perfect fit and she could get in and out if it by herself.
Here is the beautiful boy.
The Baptism ceremony was very nice; Zane wore a white satin gown (I sound like the Times)that was hand made by his Great Grandmother Baker years ago. Yes, it was a little bit feminine for the likes of his godfather and father but the women in the group (myself happily included) thought he looked beautiful. The Deacon who baptised him also gave a special blessing for protection and care during his upcoming surgery. The whole service was a blessing to all of us, not just to Zane (which was the point, after all); Blessings on his fair head. By the end of the day he was badly in need of a bath due to all the passing around from hand to hand and kiss to kiss on top of the Holy Oil used to anoint his head, chest and hands. Enough! Dunk that boy in the bathtub, the final baptism before bed.

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