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Friday, August 6, 2010

Clothespin Mystery Solved

The other day Danny came in grumbling about our clothespins all disappearing off the line. I said nothing because clothespins are one of the many things I rarely, if ever, consciously think about. But I kept it in mind and today I spied two pins lurking in the silverware drawer. I have no idea why they were there but decided to go on an all-house-search and rescue mission for clothespins. I checked every drawer and all the toy boxes and found several in the 'random things' drawers (I am ashamed to say we have two of these catch all drawers), some in the drawers where the stamps live (?), three in the drawer with the toothpaste and dental floss (what in the world?) and random pins in other drawers by themselves. I ended up with nineteen pins!! Can you believe it? Nineteen. Really, Deb. I know what happens; they blow off the line but stay clipped to the clothes and, when we bring the clothes in, the pins get tossed in the closest available drawer (read: laziness). Disorder sneaks up on you and pretty soon you have a clothespin crisis. This reminds me of my visit to the doc the other day when she said 'fifteen pounds in the last five years? That is not good.' Those pounds were just like the clothes pins, they sneaked up on me out of pure laziness; adding themselves to the fifteen from the five years before that and so on and so forth. We begin again. I do enjoy snacking on red peppers and carrots much more than on potato chips and cookies. I really do feel so much better actually; why don't I do this all the time? Oh well, at least I know the steps to this dance.

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abbeyviolet said...

Could be little fingers moving them around as well...