Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Audra and Zach

I think it is wonderful when people share important dates of the year with others; Abbey and Brent's Anniversary is the on the same date as Erica's birthday (Abbey's cousin) and the wedding Anniversary of her aunt and Uncle, Dick and Bebe. My brother Mark has the same birthday as his Granddad Dotter, my brother Jim and his son share the same birthday, my husband was born on the 14 of August, the same date as his parents' Anniversary AND on their fourteenth anniversary (how did they do that?). Jessie and Kathryn (more cousins) share the exact same birth date, I was hoping that Maggie would be born on my mom's birthday but she missed it by two days, Able missed my dad's birthday by two days and his great grandpa Blakley's birthday by one. Great Grandma Blakley shared her birthday with Elvis, much to her delight and our amusement. Audra was scheduled to be born on her great grandma Melton's birthday, May 12, but was stubborn and held out for the 22 so she could join that elite group. In our family the double deuce seems to pop up with regularity in birth and anniversary dates for some reason. We thought little Zane might be joining the group but he came on the 19, B is the 20; even closer but not quite there. The latest shared date is today, Maggie's birthday and Audra and Zach's wedding anniversary. Audra has a wonderful post on her blog which she would glad to have you visit. Let me say that these two, Audie and Zach, are a wonder to me. First, that they ever even met, living in two different states and only happening to meet each other at a high school convention. Who meets anyone significant at a convention? They did. They both went to college in different states and tuition costs and credit transfers made it impossible for either to transfer. (As an aside: Zach is a Missouri Tiger and Audra is an Oklahoma Sooner. I don't really believe that either one of them seriously thought about transferring to 'that other school'.) They dated from afar for four years and finally were married the summer after Audie's graduation. They were meant for each other. They both have a strong faith and I really believe that God helped them find each other. I know it sounds corny but they really do complete each other and I am so happy that they get to be together now forever. Happy Anniversary guys! We love you both and wish you all the blessings under heaven; and one of the greatest is the one you are holding in your arms in this picture. Rejoice! The Lord has done great things for us.

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