"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Holiness of Water

We had rain again today, a sweet 'lady rain' which greeted me upon awakening and, drop by blessed drop, calmed and quieted the heat frayed edges of my soul. The sound, sight and smell of silver rain falling gently to earth, soaked slowly into my soul, as into the thirsty soil of this seared farmland, filling the parched and empty spaces with life and hope. Water is so much more than it seems. We have such an abundance of it, here on this planet which is mostly water, that we take it for granted; we choose almost anything over water to quench our thirst; we waste it, we ignore it, we pollute it horribly and without thought of the consequences both to ourselves and the whole of the creation. Ask a chemist about the unique structure of water; ask a doctor about how vital it is to life and health. Try this: find a still, clear pool of water after a rain; look deeply into its depths and quiet yourself until you imagine yourself existing inside that silent pool; then gently and prayerfully, slip your bare hands beneath the water and slowly lift them out again. Repeat this action over and over, slowly; focus on the feel of the water, the temperature, the texture, the sound. I love to do this; to me it is a sacred act and, if I am thirsty for holiness, I will lay my face upon my water-wet hands afterward, to receive a blessing from the water itself. God is all around us, as close as our breath and the water in our eyes. The following quote seemed so appropriate for this sweet morning, fresh with new rain: “Forgive me for harping on the subject of theism. It would indeed be most ridiculous for me to think I could say anything to make you better, but living in the beautiful country, I cannot but be overwhelmed with the lovableness of the universe, as everybody is. Every mortal who stops to consider it is penetrated with love. It is irresistible.” Charles Peirce, in a letter to William James


Jennifer said...

We miss having weather out here in the desert. When we were in Colorado earlier in the month it rained. Only people who live in the desert cheer when it rains everyday on your vacation. Really. Miss you and think of you often.


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Love you guys too and think of you often. Hope all is well.