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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Poem: Maggie's Lullaby

We have had such a fun year with little Miss Maggie! It seems like one of the things we say most frequently has been, ' Maggie no, don't eat that. Spit it out.' Magpie is an explorer and uses all her senses to discover new things. She has such a happy, pleasant personality that you can't help but be happy when you are around her. Throughout the course of the year this little lullaby has come into being during the times I have rocked her to sleep (or near to it). The lullabies one makes up for babies just come into being, at least they do with me, without plan or forethought. I sing a melody that fits the mood or the moment and sometimes I can remember it later and sometimes it is lost. I remember writing 'Mr. Snugglebug' for B when he was very small and have remembered it and now sing it to Maggie and Zane as well. I also wrote 'Goodnight Starlight' for Brendan one night when we were out saying goodnight to the moon and stars. But this lullaby is Maggie's. It has a wandering melody and sometimes, to my great joy, she joins in and sings along. I should sit down at the piano and write them all down. Maybe I will do that today so her mom can put it in her scrapbook. Maggie's Lullaby
When I go to London Town, I will wear my golden gown, I will wear my hair in curls, my ruby ring, My mother's pearls. I will dance and I will sing, meet the princes and the Queen, I will see the jeweled crown When I go to London Town. When I go to Paris, France, I will sing and I will dance, I'll go boating on the Seine, Round the bend and back again. I will wade to 'San Michelle', noon and night I'll hear the bells, I have wine with bread and cheese, when I go to gay 'Paree'. When I go to Old Brazil, see the Savior on the hill, I will join in 'Carnaval' music ringing wall to wall. We will dance and we will whirl, men and women, boys and girls, I will walk the ancient hills when I go to old Brazil. - Debra Dotter Blakley

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