"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pop, Soda or Coke?

The other day I asked someone if they wanted something cold to drink and said, as I usually do, " Do you want a pop?" or, in Oklahomaese "yawannapop?" I was politely reminded that the word was 'soda' and to just give it up and change to that because everyone says 'soda' now, with the implied meaning that if one says 'pop' it makes you sound ignorant. I disagree. I believe it to be a regional distinction that has nothing to do with level of intelligence or education. I googled it. Apparently I was correct in my assumption about the regionalism aspect of it. I learned that in Oklahoma we are split about evenly between 'coke' and 'pop' as a collective noun meaning a soft drink of some kind, any kind. The old Jeff Foxworthy joke: You might be a red neck if you have ever had this conversation: 'Yawanna coke? Sure. What kind? Dr. Pepper I guess' has a certain amount of truth to it here. I don't use the word 'coke' in that manner but lots of people in this area do. If you follow this link cold drink it will take you to an interesting map that gives a broad view of the differing regions and their preferences. Keep in mind the map is based on a survey on the site and apparently no one in Montana or Wyoming is concerned about the issue. I'm not concerned either, it just interests me this morning for some weird reason. It will soon matter even less to me because I am in the process of giving up carbonated drinks all together. Well, maybe not altogether but for the most part. I find that I usually drink tea or water with lemon/lime. I seem to have wandered away from milk lately too and coffee makes my heart pound and tastes yucky to me, unless it is International Flavored Coffee which is more sugar than coffee I guess (but I love the White Chocolate and Vanilla Nut flavors anyway, in the Winter). Fruit juices that you buy are mostly sugar and make me feel slightly ill but I do like fresh squeezed orange juice. V8, which I like quite a lot, is a vegetable juice and delicious but it has too much salt in it so I only have it now and then, and only a little at a time; it is a sipping drink for me. This is a silly post. Who cares? Just check out the map for the fun of it and enter your data. But I will say this: to look down on someone because of the word they use when asking for a certain carbonated drink is snobbery and we should all just stop. People who live on the coasts are not better than people who live in the the middle of the country and their dialects are no better or worse than our own, they are different. This is a large country with many different regions that vary widely in traditions, language, religious beliefs, clothing and food preferences to name just a few. I tend to believe that diversity makes us more interesting as a people. We need to stop fighting among ourselves and start working together for good, where ever and whenever we have opportunity.

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Audra said...

I am surprised that Garlfield County showed up as a Coke place. I am pretty sure it is a pop place. When I moved to soda country people often thought I was saying " I want pot" not pop which was uncomfortable. I still say both but probably say soda more purely because I got sick of explaining what I meant every time I said pop. Put I'm still a pop girl at heart.