"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She who hesitates is lost

I hope you're ready to chuckle a bit because this is a ding-diddle-dee-doozie (and it isn't even noon yet!) Yes, I have spell checked this so all typos are left in on purpose; you'll see why. I walked out onto the porch this morning and was thinking about what I needed to do first, when I heard a voice in my head (or my spirit) say, "You should sit quietly for a bit and pull yourself together. " I didn't think I was 'apart' at that point in the day but I did sit and listen to the morning, watching the myriad butterflies that embroidered the air while I ate a fresh pear. Then I filled up the hand sprayer with round-up and waged war on the crabgrass and took baqck (I'll explain about thaqt q later) three or four spots in the garden that had been overrun...AGAIN. I also sprayed all the area around the young trees in Maggie's Wood...AND the Johnson Grass on the south side of the barn..And the part of the strawberry bed that had been completely covered with Bermuda grass. I HAD HAD IT! Then I took the hose and gave my new rose and my one surviving tomato plant, and the peppers, a nice cool drink and then, once again, I heard the voice: why not sit down here in the shade and enjoy the morning some more. So I did....for a bit. I breathed and turned off my mind. I just sat and enjoyed the summer morning. The chaos had been beaten back to the plqace where we can live together peaceably. I came in and decided to use up the rest of the pears in a pie. I peeled the pears and set them to simmer and took the pie crust out of the freezer to thaw. I read something the other day that said to roll out your dough, then roll it up (I roll it around a half inch dowel rod) and freeze it that way. Then it is ready to thaw and place directly into the pan. I decided to put waxed paper on the bottom and top of the crust so it would not stick to itself. Makes sense. While the crust tubes thawed I made and baked the angel food caqke for tomorrow (I'm just going to leave them in there, you'll see) and cut up some butternut squash medallions for lunch. While cutting said squash I managed to nearly chop off the top of my left little finger and now it is sporting a double bandage. When I try to type an 'A' the bandaid taps the q as well aqnd when I try to type a q it usually types a 2. (Bless us and save us!) I'm laughing even now. THE STORY! The cake was out of the oven, the flour and spices for the pear pie were together and I realized I did not have enough pears for a pie (oops...breakfast pears) so I added a can of cherry pie filling to finish it up. I have done this before and they are delicious together. HOWEVER, when I poured all of it into the pie shell it overflowed so I had to dip out some of the fluid parts; folded the top crust and placed it on the pie. At that point I noticed that there was waxed paper UNDERNEATH the BOTTOM CRUST. Yes. This is where I had to not think or hesitate, just act, aqnd quickly. I refolded the top crust, set it aside and poured the filling back into the pan. Part of the top crust broke apart at this point but I decided to deal with that minor detail later. Then I quickly folded the bottom crust in half, jerked the waxed paper off; slapped the crust back into the pan and moved it around so it was close to right; poured in the filling; added butter dots here and there; slung the top crust pieces back on the pie and (crimped isn't the right word here, not at all) smooshed the edges together in and artsy-fartsy way; sprinkled the top with sugar and slipped it gently into the oven on a cookie sheet liner. The pie is still cooking so the jury is out on that one. All I can say is: Thank goodness I took those 'sit still and breathe' spells earlier in the morning or I would have been fit to be tied. As it is, I am still in a good humor and am humming the song Fiddle-dee-dee, Fiddle-dee-dee the fly haqs mqarried the bumblebee. I'm starting to like the qa-aq mix aren't you?


emy_moody said...

I also like the "Q" added in. It is a somewhat neglected letter and in all but one word has to be paired with the "U'.

P.S. Hope you finger heals quickly!

Audra said...

Now I know where I get my struggling from, that totally sounds like a day I would have. Glad you pulled through it with only a minor injury. I also maintain it is your mom telling you to sit down since she never did!

Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I was hoping it was the Holy Spirit but you are probably right; it's Mom.

Connie Laubach McFarland said...

I failed making a pie crust from scratch several weeks ago. It was a breakfast Quiche, and it had to become lunch, while Mark pitched in and made breakfast. I had not slowed down as your inner spirit (or Mom) was telling you and I had not gotten into the moment prior to the failure. I was very frustrated and realized I had not attempted a scratch pie crust for over 30 years. I made those little cinnamon sugar pie crust left over odd pieces of dough that my Mom made with only left over odd pieces. I did get one Quiche ready for lunch (after church). I have vowed to learn to make pie crust from scratch before Christmas. I was wondering if you could have your Mom talk to my Mom, and have them both tell me (often) about the slow down and get centered part? Hope your finger heals, and I would like to hear how the pear mix pie came out. Talk to you soon. Call me.