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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Staying Out of the Heat

August in Oklahoma can feel like an oven in the afternoons, best spent reading in quiet, curtained rooms with a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea at hand. The work of the day begins much earlier in the mornings in August than in other months and takes a break in the middle of the day. We have already endured baking heat for several weeks, day after day, week after week and August stretches ahead of us, agonizing in its possibilities of heat. I am sure that people who live in the deserts of the world, where the temps rise far above one hundred, laugh and shake their heads at us, complaining about 108 degrees. I'm just saying.... On a completely different subject (please!) I finished the peach harvest a couple of days back. Here I am bringing in the final bucket full of peaches. I had decided to use these last, perfectly ripe, peaches to make a peach pie for Danny instead of freezing them, but just as I was about the begin making the crust, he came in and I had to take him to pick up a tractor from a friend who had borrowed it for a bit. When I came back in, I discovered that the fruit flies that had discovered our peaches on the table the day before, had infested the bowl of peaches and they had to be given up to the butterflies and bees. Not to worry, I have seventeen sacks of peaches sitting in the freezer, some of which I intend to use for fresh peach ice cream on the evening of the meteor shower. Yum! If you are planning on joining us to watch the stars the night of August 12 (Thursday) and wish to join in the ice cream and cake, come by the house some time between nine thirty and ten. We will have desert before we trek to the hill top for the viewing.


Audra said...

What kind of crazy person would get married in August in Oklahoma!! Don't ask me!

DebB said...

Really. What were you thinking?!