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Monday, August 9, 2010

Surprised by Joy and Song

I found a great buy on bags of large carrots at the grocery this morning and decided to buy several and can them for next winter. It was a good plan I thought, but when I got home from town we had someone over to help work on the air conditioning in the tractor and that someone had brought along their daughter, age five. Since it was already ungodly hot outside (it was only ten thirty) little Mia came inside to help me work on lunch and make a pear pie. She had a great time measuring and stirring and rolling the dough. We set the dough to chill. We built extensive highways with blocks, bridges and ramps and drove tiny cars all over them; we played catch with the Velcro ball and mits; we had an icy pop and we set the table for lunch. She put together the old sonic train and drove it around the living room and tried out the twirly chairs. After lunch we slipped the pie into the oven, cleaned up and went into the parlor for music time. She had never played piano before, imagine that, so we sang and played through all the songs she knew and I must say we sounded fantastic together. Her favorite was the ABC song, of course. I asked her where she had learned all those songs and she said this: "My grandma Smith taught me all the songs I know. She was home and then she was with the doctors and now she is in heaven with Jesus. I will get to see her again when I go to heaven." I smiled and nodded and told her that every time she sings the songs it is as if her grandmother were with her again. She liked that idea a lot. After music I had to stop playing and bone the chicken and clean up the kitchen mess from lunch; she brought me dishes from the table, wiped it down...sort of... and worked on her coloring book while I boned the bird. She had several bites of chicken, which she said was, "way better than chicken nuggets". Wow, the ultimate compliment. After awhile I noticed that it was close to five o'clock and the guys were still at work on the tractor so I started on a big pan of chicken-pot-pie with homemade biscuits on top. She pulled up a kid sized chair and sat there watching. We made up songs for twenty minutes ( be still my beating heart). She was wonderfully free and uninhibited and would ad lib a verse and then I would do one (she would correct me if I broke form). I loved every minute of it. When her dad finally came in to get her at five fifteen he expressed concern that she had driven me crazy. Ha! I told him that she was a dream come true for me; a one on one music class with a talented five year old. It doesn't get much better than that.

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manda_hladik said...

I'm sure that was quite the treat for both of you, it sounds like you both had a lovely day!