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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Working with Nature

       This morning Danny and I were watching the weather, like we always do, and they said the temp. was 68 degrees. WHAT! That's jacket weather! Hot diggedy-dog! I jumped up and ran out onto the porch and shouted Alleluia!!! at the top of my lungs.  It scared the cat, who already thinks I'm crazy, but that's another story. My neighbors (I only have two and they live clear across the road) probably think I'm crazy too. Last night I was out pacing round and round under the full moon, I sometimes dance in the rain with little or no clothes on (don't even try to imagine the horror of that picture) and almost always talk to my gardens and/ or the creatures who inhabit them. I like to keep people entertained whenever I can.
      After Danny boy left for school I pulled on my work clothes, pocketed my pruners and headed for the creek bank. I have been working on a creek-walk that will run along the western edge of Skeleton Creek for about a year now, off and on...mostly off if you must know.  I'm so unfocused.  Anyway....what was I saying????
Oh yeah, the creek walk.
     I worked on clearing the path some more, clipping smaller branches that seemed prone to smacking me in the face, cleaning off the meditation rocks, trampling down and cutting off the stems of Johnson grass that is taller than I am (that stuff is a menace....there should be a market for it).  Last week I was trying to push some dead branches over the bank and the saplings kept stopping my progress. I finally realized that if I couldn't get the branches to fall off the edge (they were in fact lodged against and in the fork of two saplings) they might keep visitors from falling off the edge as well. Great idea Deb! (Sheesh, I can't even take help when it is thrust upon me, apparently). We now have a rustic railing there and believe me we needed one.
    Tomorrow I will go out and fight the fight against the poison ivy again. I thought I had it iradicated but saw a few survivors this morning. That will not do.  I want this path to be safe for children to walk along so the poison ivy can only be within sight, for identification purposes, but not on the path itself. Tomorrow.
       Able helped me do some major trimming of dead limbs this spring which helped a lot. Now I need to stablize the stepping down parts of the path and put some fill dirt over a few places to level things out a bit. I don't want people slipping as they're stepping down and sliding over the edge.
     For those of you who live beside creeks in which the bank is only slightly higher than the water level let me remind you that the water in our creek sits about 25 or 30 feet below the bank: a screamingly sheer drop onto a muddy strip of silt and straight into the water a foot below that.  If I were a thirteen year old boy I would probably relish the slippery, muddy fall (I'm thinking that Able would have probably done this just for fun in his younger days....he probably did, as a matter of fact. I'm not asking him.) I, on the other hand, would most likely break both my legs, a shoulder blade, my back and skin my face up royally if I fell off, so I think I'll take a few precautions.
     It was good to get something accomplished out there in the cool of the morning. I didn't even sweat! What a treat!  I also pulled up the last of the crab grass in the chard bed and 'redded it up' for Fall beets, lettuce and Kale. I'm putting them all in the same square of earth and will put a hoop cover over it when the weather gets too cold, if they haven't already come to harvest. I wonder if we have time for onions before frost???  I'm off to town to have lunch with a friend. TTFN 

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