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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 350 project

I have spoken before about the International 350 project that strives to raise environmental awareness and understanding  through group actions. The day of the worldwide event this year is October 10th. Danny and I had planned for this day and, after considering whether or not to cancel on account his passing, I have decided to go ahead with with our planned work day here on the farm.  We will begin around two thirty in the afternoon and continue until suppertime when, weather permitting, we will have one of our traditional Autumn campfires.
1.We will be picking up washed up debris from the banks of our section of Skeleton Creek,
2. painting the 350 logo on the top of our flat roofed building
3. working on the nature walk along the creek bank
4. and planting more trees in Maggie's Wood.
     I began planting this Wood last Fall and will continue until there are 350 trees altogether.  If you have young trees invading your gardens (which you fully intended to pull out but haven't gotten around to it) dig them up gently and bring them to add to our growing wood.  Trees that are planted in memory of or to honor someone dear to you will be so marked.  I plan to dedicate the entire Wood in honor of my Danny, who loved botany so much and could rattle off the Latin names of every tree, weed and bush on the farm from memory.  He loved this little growing wood and I know he will be there with us, in spirit, loving us all, and the gracious Earth as well. You might let me know, by email or comment, if you are planning to attend so we can rustle up some grub; (speaking of grub: you could be on that particular work group if you don't fancy the digging and planting part of the event). Hope to see you there.
   Come, let us work together as a family to care for the Earth and to instill in our children an understanding and love for the natural world!

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manda_hladik said...

I am excited about this! I have added it to my calendar, and I am ready to come help!