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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A day at the parade

     Yesterday Able and I trekked to OKC to pick up Little B and his buddy Katie (who also happens to be Able's buddy....small world) and this morning we headed to the Cherokee Strip Parade in Perry, Oklahoma.  This parade is wonderfully 'small town country' and usually a great time.  When the kids were little we used to go to this parade and we would all get free Moon Pies and little bitty loaves of Wonder Bread that were being given out for free by the company.
    There were no moon pies OR little loaves of bread this year, sadly.  There was anything you could imagine 'on a stick' to eat and funnel cakes and snow cones and lots and lots of sparkly t-shirts and big purses for sale.  There were booths selling cammo everything, including sunglasses which, even though I was squinting myself into near blindness, I refused to purchase. I don't do cammo. There were also baby pygmy goats, which Katie wanted to pick up and take home.
    The best part of the morning was watching Little B on the pony ride, no question about it. Here he is on a paint pony just like the one his Great Grandpa Blakley used to ride.  I admit I let my mind entertain the thought that Danny would have gotten a kick out of seeing B on this little horse.  I had to walk away for a bit. Look at this little cowboy; one-handing it on his first ride. He didn't really want to put on the 'saddle belt' but we insisted.
     B also shared a 'funny cake' with me, ( me getting the lion's share, thank goodness). I only allow myself to have one funnel cake a year so I enjoy that one immensely. I did not eat anything off a stick but did end up with a yellow balloon tied to my wrist, two bottles of water clasped to my bosom, sweat dripping off my red sunburned nose and B's kid sized lawn chair dangling from one arm by the time we headed, hot and weary, toward the car.  That's the kicker about parades: you party until you are about to drop and then you have to walk the four or five blocks to where you parked the car.
   B also became the proud owner of yet another OU hat due to the fact that I had forgotten all about sunscreen and could hear his mother's voice screaming in my head as we sat in the sun watching the Shriners zooming round and round in their miniature cars.  The tops of his ears did look a little pink. I hope he doesn't wake up in the morning burnt to a crisp.
     We couldn't find anywhere to eat lunch after the parade so we drove back to Covington and ate a burger at the Sale Barn so B could step inside and watch all the cattle in the sale ring.  He thought it was great but 'stinky', which is true.  Once we finally reached the farm, the three grown-ups had to take a nap and, even though he informed me that he was not at all tired, B agreed to 'just rest' while we napped.  Four hours later we had to wake him up to get him ready to go home.  What a fun little guy.  He is one of my happy thoughts and helped make this day a good one.

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geriayers said...

Being a grandmother is so awesome, isn't it???? We get to enjoy those little ones in ways we didn't enjoy our own (of course, they go home and give their parents "fits" lol). So glad you're out and about. God bless you, Debra. You're one of the strongest people I know.