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Monday, September 6, 2010

The family cradle

This is our family cradle, holding Zane Able Korenak.

Most families have a cradle or two, my mom had a bassinet that we passed around as each of us had children. When I was pregnant with our first child, the women of the community held a baby shower for us and, at that gathering, Danny gave me this cradle that he had been building up in the wood shop at school. I would have been completely and pleasantly surprised if one of the ladies had not asked me, just the week before, "So how is the cradle coming along?" So much for surprises.
     Our cradle isn't a large one, babies can only use it for a month to six weeks usually and then they are too big for it, but it is beautiful and I love it. It sits up off the floor at 'bed level' and, this is the best part, it swings.  That is the best part because I can remember having the cradle right next to my bed, hearing the baby begin to fuss, and reaching out to give it a swing or two, thereby buying myself another few minutes of sleep; sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.
    Another wonderful thing about the cradle is that we lend it to friends and family who have new babies and then the baby's name and date of birth is inscribed on the bottom of it.  I tend to forget that the names are on there and am surprised each time I turn it over. I hope this little cradle continues to journey around the country, lovingly keeping safe new lives in their first days upon our beautiful earth. I wish I had some way of transporting it up to my niece Erica and her new son. We tried shipping it through the mail once and it was broken in transit so it will have to travel by car from now on.  There is usually someone heading up to see the new arrivals. 

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manda_hladik said...

Yes, the cradle...I believe Michelle, Cody, Wyatt, and I all got to use it :)