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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Groundwork for the Dream

Able and I spent this morning walking (?)...no, swimming through the dying Johnson Grass along the creek bank, looking for forgotten farm implements and dead trees that needed removing before my new friend Chuck comes to plant our native pasture mix in the area where we plan to plant the new trees.  We managed to remove one ancient disc but the two small springtooths had been taken over by the forest and we would need a chain saw to remove them. We will see if that happens or if they are simply taken over by Dame Nature.  I am so excited to be starting the process of turning this farm back to native grasses/plants since Danny had for years wanted this to happen. I am deeply saddened that he won't be here to join in the process, but he will know and it will bring him and many others great joy; creation will sing again in this spot.
      The students from the botany class at Danny's school came out this morning to gather leaves for their collections and look at the different plant life here on our place.  It was good to see them all learning about growing things and to have a chance to visit with their teacher who was a good friend to Danny.  I invited them back, any time, and told Mr. Norton about the prairie grasses and flowers that will be here in years to come. He was very happy about the project since he had heard Danny speak of this dream often.  Good things are happening. 
       I hope someone who is coming to our environmental work day on October 10th (if I haven't invited you, please consider yourself invited to come and help plant Maggie's Wood, beginning at two ish) will bring a chain saw so we can do some clearing of dead limbs.  I have heard from a few people so far who are heading our way that Sunday afternoon and I am beginning to get excited about it. Join us if you can.

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