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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, for Pete's sake

Really?.....Really???? Having my husband drop over, for no apparent reason, wasn't enough? After slogging through shock and misery, buckets of tears and no answers to the big W question for a week and a half I discovered one more insult to injury event today.
 My cat has disappeared.
He was a little droopy yesterday evening but didn't seem sick, and today he was not here. Sigh. 
    I need a big, loving dog that will keep away strangers, accompany me on walks, be a friend and companion for me and NOT dig up my gardens. I'm looking around. 
   This is ridiculous. Lord love a duck!


geriayers said...

When it rains, it pours! Thinking of you..............

Audra said...

Mom I swear I didn't kill your cat, I feel you thinking that I did. Love you!

Jessica Lena Lehman said...

i have a cat who needs a home and i miss the farm. i can totally bring you a cat.

Lisa Hammersly said...

I have a little Boston terrier who is gassy, not securely housebroken and scared of his own shadow. Good snuggler if you don't mind his snoring, though.
He could be a candidate. I would deliver.
Obviously I found your beautiful blog and have a better idea what happened. My tears fall for a man I never met but felt I knew.