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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

350 Work Day at the Farm

After days of prep for our work day, it finally arrived, cool and lovely.  Abbey, the kids and Christal were already at the farm and had helped flag all the stakes which were set up throughout the area where we would plant the new trees. Abb made some yummy cheese potato soup for the feed later in the day and B and I took a wild four wheeler ride along the creek path that runs through the Johnson Grass.

Here are Amanda and her mom trying to convince a stubborn Elm tree to join the party. I think the tree won this time and got to stay put.

By three o'clock there were twenty of us there working together in small groups, tucking the saplings into the field where the native grasses had been sown.  Mike and Diane brought their chain saw and helped cut up lots of dead branches and clean up the huge, cedar logs which serve as resting spots along the creek walk. Now the path is very much better and I have all the firewood I could use for a year, at least ( a twofer).
    Christal and the Skoda girls worked on painting the 350 logo on the east side of our garden shed and we all signed it after our shot.
Most of the folks that came for the day were family or friends but we also made a couple of new friends from the Norman area. 
      After Pat led us in a beautiful Blessing of the Wood we shared supper on the porch and then the heavens blessed us  with a big drink of water; perfect timing on God's part, as usual.

                                  Happy Birthday to Rachael and Deb, birthday buddies on the 15th!

                                             Maggie and Brent during the supper.
                                 Deb, Mike and Diane sharing in the Blessing.

   Here is Maggie herself, loving on her mom during the blessing of the wood named after her.

  I loved having so many friends out to visit and to plant some trees for the future. We planted a Live Oak for Danny, a huge, sturdy tree that he loved, and a Burgandy Redbud, with its heart shaped leaves, for Zane.  Audra says she wants a plum tree planted for her and I plan on adding a Sycamore and another Red Maple. A couple of friends were unable to attend and we saved some spots for their trees. Our neighbors, Bernard and Mary, brought us a young Cherry tree which is an off shoot of a Cherry tree Bernard's grandfather planted years and years ago; a tree with local history. I love it!  We have about ten stakes left that didn't get a tree yet, so if you have a particular tree you would like to add to the mix, bring it on out and tuck it into this happy family of saplings. In a poignant vein, there were also three weeping willows planted Sunday; fitting, I thought, for this time of so much sadness at our house.

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