"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bananas and more

Okay. I want to clarify that I was only joking about being sent out of the room for singing yesterday. Bananas. That is the word that I will randomly throw into a blog when it isn't obvious whether I am being dramatic or just silly. Enough said about that.
     Today I not only sang to him but got to hold him. He and I both loved it. Most of his tubes are gone now so he holdable at last.  He gets very tired sitting up though so we have to lay him back down after only a short time.  I have loved spending some quality time with all my kiddos this week as well as with Zach's family. I love his family and am delighted that I get to see them now and then. Yesterday Mike, Zach's dad, stretched out on the floor to rest although there were lots of sofas around just waiting to be stretched out upon.  I had to laugh! That is so like something Danny would have done; they were very similar in many ways.  I always tell Audra and Zach that the reason they get along so well is that they had the same parents, mostly. (bananas)
     Able, Abbey and I made a mad dash to the airport this morning and nearly collided with a series of airport buses in the process. That will wake you up!!!  All is well and Abbey is back in the Sooner state once again. I know she was missing her little ones and they are happy to have her home again.
      If I have neglected to call any of you guys and you feel like you should have been called just chalk it up to mental stress and craziness on my part. I have called some folks, emailed some folks and blogged some things and I hope I contacted you on one of those. If I didn't, and this is the first time you have heard from me, you just haven't been paying attention I guess. (bananas, sananab (bananas backwards)) You have to love the parenthesis. I think I may go to the movies tonight just for laughs. Wish you were here to go with me. 
    Thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts for our little man. Everyone here is amazed at how strong he is and how quickly he is healing. I tell them it is because thousands of people have been praying for him and his surgeon for months and the room is full of the Power of God. Alleluia and Amen!