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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun in the Fallish weather

I don't want you to think I am in that sad place all the time. I am not, but I do visit that place often.
On a more cheery note: Yesterday was loads of fun!
        Abbey and the kids came to the farm and I loved having them here. B and Magpie played in the sand box a lot with B baking various yummy sounding dishes and digging up animals with his front-end loader Cat machine, and Miss Maggs digging and trying to eat the sand most of the time.  I took B on some 4 wheeler rides, which he and I both loved.
     We played a mean game of Corn Hole (aka Bean Bags) using Able's newly painted Boomer-Sooner boards. Aren't they super snazzy?! He would be glad to take orders for these in the colors of your favorite teams. Let me know if you are interested.

Yesterday our teams were Able and Katie against Grant and I, with Little B and Maggie helping us out by placing the bags directly into the holes when it became obvious that none of us could do so.

Abbey was the photographer and was absent from most of the shots, so I wanted to include her in this one. Abb has a cold and I hope it was a help to her to be here with so many other hands to help with the kiddos. Get well soon Abbey dear. Maggie looks a bit perplexed in this shot but is usually all smiles and toddling steps.  We missed Brent on this trip because he was in Texas with his Dad at the OU/TEX game.

Maggie had a tough time accepting sleep last night but finally gave in while the rest of us went outside to look at the stars and wait for 'the silly moon'. I guess if we had checked our almanac we would have known that it was the dark of the moon. I did manage to see a shooting star and the night sky was velvet soft and lovely. It was definitely hoody weather, however, and I soon called it quits and hit the hay. Lo and behold the silly moon was up in the sky bright and early when we awoke today, waiting to greet us with a smile. That silly old moon!
Abb and her crew headed back home after breakfast and Able, Katie and I traveled  to Okeene for a visit with my Dad and our first turkey and gravy meal of the season. (Is it November yet? I didn't think so), after which Dad and I dug up several little trees for Maggie's Wood including one pecan, several mimosas and red buds and two bushes.
        Once we were home, Able walked the Creek Walk with me, as far as it goes along the upper bank (it needs some work), and then we pounded the electric fence posts in to mark the places where the new trees will be planted this week-end. We will tie on the flags tomorrow, hopefully.
     I hope some of you guys are coming (Goodwins???) and bringing shovels, a chain saw (if you have one), new trees if you want something special for your family in the Wood or in remembrance of a loved one, and your appetites. Able is making some of his wonderful Chili for the cook out and Abbey is bringing desserts.    
     We will also be celebrating a special double birthday and will sing to all who have their birthdays in this wonderful month of October (my personal favorite :) Abe and I are making the signs tomorrow so no one will get lost on the way out. I'm off to bed; love you guys.

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Jennifer said...

Octobers _are_ the best month for birthdays;-) Sure do wish we were closer to head out to the farm and hang out. Hoping to get there in dec. when we're planning to be in OK for Christmas.