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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Singing, please

Zach's friend Adam stopped by this evening for a visit. He is such a good friend for Zach, always there when he is needed, quick with humor and a smile.  While they all sat at supper I went round to sit with Zane; he was sleeping and peaceful.  The doc came by momentarily and shortly afterward Able came in to join Zane and I. We visited and read and then I saw that small hand waving in the air. I went round the bed to find Zane wide awake and looking around as if he were afraid and confused about his surroundings. Zach's mom had asked me, earlier, if I had sung to Zane yet, since the surgery. I only speak to Z in whispers so as not to disturb him, but I decided to sing him his 'go to sleep' song, in the hopes that it would ease his mind and give him some comfort. 
     When I started to sing he burst into tears and would not be comforted; not by me, or the nurse.  He cried and cried and tried to talk to us in his baby sounds, telling the whole sad story.  They went to get him some more pain meds and Able called Audra to come in for him.  They let her hold him in her arms to calm him down. What a blessing for them both.  I am not singing to him again for awhile. They may banish me from the room altogether if I don't quit stirring him up into a froth.  I don't try to, heaven knows, I only speak to him and he begins to weep. Poor babe.

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geriayers said...

That sweet baby cries out because he knows his grandmother will understand his pain. I, too, cry in the arms of those I love most. Rest assured that you do bring Zane comfort. I'm not sure we can imagine the pain and fear the little one is feeling. I've been thinking of you all so much.....I will keep praying that smiles will soon return to his sweet face.