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Friday, October 1, 2010

Seeding the Prairie

Chuck Grimes came out this morning with the Grasslander seeder, which he invented, and tucked the first of my native grasses, flowers and legumes into the soil south of our house, a couple of acres.  It is a small seeder, designed for planting the fine, flighty and fluffy seeds that grow the rich and lovely prairie that belongs here in north central Oklahoma.

You never know, I may decide to run a few buffalo on this stuff when it gets established, for old times sake.
Who knows what lies ahead, where the wind blows or what awaits us tomorrow? I am so excited to be starting on this dream; I can hardly tell you.
Also, here is the picture of me with the friends who made the trek to Salina last week-end. I had forgotten it was in my camera when I posted the blog about our trip.  Here we are at the end of our time together: Dorothy, Mary, myself, Ann and Pat (and thank you to the young woman who so graciously stopped to take our picture).

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