"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Busy Day In Enid

No big news today, really. I went back to town and managed to get a tremendous number of things accomplished from that list on my white board. I am so tired that I will simply list them and then go fall into bed.
1. Got the list of our properties and the taxes paid on them last year so I will have some figures to work with.
2.  Met with the judge and took the oath as the person in charge of Danny's estate.
3. Signed and recorded many documents and had a long chat with my lawyer about some things.
4.  Got my medicine refills so I won't run out during the trip.
5.  Got new tires on the PT and had them all balanced and aligned properly. I feel much safer now.
6. Had the oil changed and a overall check of the engine...fixed several things. It runs so much better now.
7. Discovered that the mice had chewed through the cruise control cable; an easy fix.
8. Test drove an  GMC Acadia (wow), a Honda CR-V and a Crysler Pacifica just for laughs and giggles.
9. Had the car washed and vacuumed.
10. Talked to my life insurance guy about all kinds of ideas; lots to think about.
11. Bought a couple of new shirts for the trip and a new blue jacket (happy thought!).
12. Went to bookclub (good food, good friends, good times).
13. Perused the bookstore with the BK friends and found a book for next month (David Baldacci).
14. Had a wonderful, honest and comforting chat with a dear friend about the preciousness of all our lives.
 15. Stopped by the Monument place again and had a nice visit with the owner, an old friend from Pioneer.
AND I had a chance to visit with and think about all of you who share my words and whom I know are still sending good thoughts, good energy, and powerful prayers our way. Thanks so much. Love you guys. G'night.

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