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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday plus two

Gosh it has been an eternity since I posted a Ten on Tuesday but here goes (I had better hurry since I only have thirty minutes of Tuesday left).

1.  My grandson, Zane, in his banana hat is the cutest thing I have seen in ages. At least since my other grandson had on his monkey suit hat, or his robot outfit.....and then there was Maggie in her fairy wings outfit...oh well, you get my drift.

2.  It is definitely Fall now; Able and I have to wear our hoodies when we have our 'coffee on the porch' time in the mornings. I love it!

3.  I paint like a third grader. (Abe and I made signs today for the event this week-end and I was not impressed with my artistic talent, to say the least.)

4.  I hate it that I have to air up the tires on the four-wheeler every time before I use it. I must get some better tires.
5.  It drives me absolutely crazy when I see people abusing their children in stores. Grow up and be a adult for heaven's sake!
6.  Able is going home tomorrow and I will miss him terribly, but I know he has to get back to work so he can pay the bills. He has been unbelievably helpful to me during this month of reorganization that I have just finished slogging through.

7.  Now that I don't have a cat anymore I have begun to see mice scurrying around in the gardens. Hmmm....

8.  I love my new Dyson vacuum cleaner; it is amazing! You should go get one asap. (Thanks B and M.)

9.  There is an incredible amount of legal stuff that has to be done when someone dies. Who knew???

10. My Dad has been such a comfort and a pillar of strength for me these past few weeks. He comes over and spends the afternoon and is always upbeat and optimistic, always has good ideas and good books to share. He is a great dad (I'll bet you already knew that).

11.  Friends and neighbors are a great blessing in times of trouble or weakness.  They must have a community schedule or something because they never stop by in twos or threes, never too many at once.  They happen by now and then and sit on the porch for a visit and bring me hugs and smiles.  It is fantastic and exactly what I need every time.  Thanks and smiles to all of you.

12. I suddenly realize that I know nothing about mechanicing on the chain saw, or the car or the lawn mower, or about how to mix the 'special feeding formula' for the loblolly pines, or when to spray the peach tree or with what. :{   Oh dear.

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Abbey said...

Excellent post. I have precisely the same problem in #12. I find, not surprisingly, that I wasn't listening nearly closely enough to the given instructions and feel very uncertain about my pruning and the fertilizer chemicals in my garage... I guess we'll just have to learn?