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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thoughts in passing

    This afternoon, while Able and I set T posts and attached our 350 signs with baling wire (what else?) I noticed several things. A) Country people are very observant and naturally suspicious. Each time we stopped the car and pounded posts into the earth, a car would drive by, slowly; the people inside would peer at us for a long, long time; and then they would drive on down the road. People do not usually put up signs on dirt roads so we drew a lot of attention. No one stopped to ask what we were doing, of course, that would have been rude, but gawking and peering seemed A-okay. 
B) I felt good about hosting an event, here on the open prairie where the wind blows freely from Canada to Mexico or the other way round. I liked bending over the signs yesterday, as we cut and painted, and I liked standing in the wind, with the sun warm upon my face today.  Strong feelings and emotions about an issue that concerns you are good but actions are what is needed to effect change in the world. I was hesitant to go on with hosting this work day, after Danny died so suddenly, but I am glad I have it as a project to work on every day. Work, it turns out, is very healing; it gives me time and focus and blesses me with good sleep at the end of the day.

C) I noticed that I had to wrestle with jump starting the lawn mower, with getting the tires aired up, with finding the tools I needed for various projects around the house, with making decisions about farm banking options; things I would not have had to do a month ago. I would have asked Danny for help and he would have done them for me. Come to think of it, it was very nice, having a resident mechanic, electrician, plumber, carpenter, rancher and botanist around for reference. I realize now that I took his talents for granted much of the time.  
       I drove Able to his plane this afternoon, did a little shopping for myself and spent a fun, playful evening with Abbey and Brent and the kids.
Tomorrow we go to the zoo. Tomorrow is the 7th...again.

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