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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Trip to Grant's Farm

This morning Christal, Zane and I all traveled to Grant's Farm and took the tour.

They have an animal reserve which is home to Bison, various kinds of deer, lots of fowl, horses, zebras and donkeys (retired from their lives as pack animals at the Grand Canyon). This is also one of the three places where they raise, train and house the Clydesdales that pull the Budweiser beer wagon. These gorgeous horses are sick and tired of people calling them by name, you could tell, and petting their necks and having their pictures taken with strange people.  I would be too if I had to put up with it day after day, all year round.  Zane couldn't believe have huge they were.

There is also a zoo at end of the tram ride, complete with elephants, camels, llamas, all manner of  beautiful birds and a place where kids can feed the kids (baby goats) and pet them AND there is a carousel (apparently this is my year for carousels).  I took Zane for a ride on the bench and I loved it....but he didn't. It bothered him a lot and by the end of it he was standing up in my lap and looking for a way out.  Okay, he's too young.
Zane was wonderful during the entire trip; looking around, sleeping a lot, agreeing to dance the polka with me in the courtyard as the music played. This pic was taken after the dance. As you can see, his heart wasn't really in it, he just did it to make me happy. That was nice of him, it being my birthday and all.

He garnered a lot of smiles, in his little pumpkin outfit, as we wandered through the stables and ate our lunch.

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