"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Web as blessing

On the Blogspot dashboard, which a blogger sees prior to writing, there is a 'stats' button. A friend of mine recently pointed this out to me and I love it.  When I first began blogging I didn't think I cared who read my blog, or if anyone did; it was enough to write. I wrote about our lives here on the farm so our children and friends would know what was happening with us and I wrote because I love to write.
     Now I find that looking at the stats page is very encouraging and comforting to me.  People from all over the world check in to see what is happening here in Oklahoma.  There is a beautiful dark eyed young woman in Kazakhstan whom Danny and I loved like a daughter, who reads my words and shares hers with me. There is a blue eyed blonde in Australia who, while busy with the life of a young mother, takes a minute now and then to read up on the doings in Oklahoma. There are friends in Alaska and a neighbor who now lives in England who follow the blog and their virtual presence has been very comforting to me, especially lately.  There are others whom I do not know; some people in Korea follow often but they do not comment. I wish they would. It would be good to know the names and faces of my virtual friends. 
     Being able to make daily and immediate contact, via the internet, with my family (which is strung out all across the nation) is wonderful and makes it seem as though they are actually just down the road. Thanks for checking in now and then.  Blessings on you all. The coyotes are howling outside my window. I am going out to listen to the symphony of night on the prairie.


Pat at Turtle Rock Farm said...

And, there are others of us, who "subscribe" to your blog and read your postings from our emailboxes.
The blogosphere puts flesh on the bones of those old words about our "oneness," our "connectedness." Being in touch with each other through the internet, we virtually experience, as an old friend used to say, this "teeny weeny world."

But I'm glad there's still, what they call now, "high touch" - that is getting together face to face to visit. See you Sunday.

Love and Peace,

b said...

Don't you love the stats button!! I have greatly enjoyed watching mine. You are a blessing to many, Debra - and the best part is that you are a blessing to those you don't even know - but will someday! Love you. b

Anonymous said...

A minute, I'm practically stalking you guys! I love following whats going on and you've made me cry more times lately than I can count! You losing your Danny has made me appreciate my Danny even more, expecially when you pointed out all the things they do!
A piece of my heart is always with you and a spare bed is always waiting if you ever get down here!

p.s. I wish our Danny's had have met, they would have gotten on like a house on fire.