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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun Day in the City

Yesterday was good medicine for me. I went to The City to visit Abbey and the kiddos and watch them while she worked.  It was wonderful! I got to be Super Grandma (complete with cape) and chase Spider man and Super Maggie round and round the living room. We laughed and ran and I got covered in spider webs, over and over. We rolled on the floor and snuggled and kissed until they were sick of me. We worked puzzles together and put together the bird feeder stand for their back yard; after which we filled all the feeders and then it poured rain for a couple of hours. Probably not the best timing on that but when the snow is flying and the birds need something to warm them against the wind, Brendan and Maggie's feeders will help.  I hope they have hours of fun watching the birds this winter. Brendan and I also did some wild Mario Cart racing in which both of us fell into the burning lava or the ocean many times. I just want to say: I am not ready for Rainbow Road yet. I need to practice.
      I then drove around looking for a possible house for Able, did some grocery shopping (since the only things in my refrigerator are pickles, jelly, mustard and milk. Now I am set; lots of veggies and some honey crisp apples (thank you Able for introducing me to these).
    This morning I cleaned the house a bit in anticipation for company today. A friend from long ago, and her children, are heading this way for a visit 'to the farm'.  I also went out to the new plantings in the Wood to check on the new prairie grasses.  Hmmmm......they seem to be up around the edges but not in the middle area.  We will see what happens; I really don't want it to turn into a weed patch.  The following hour or two was spent winterizing around the garden. Putting tools in the shed, throwing away trash, dumping the dirt out of the pots where plants used to bloom. When the kids get here I will get them to help me pick up some more  
tree twigs for the fire.  Oops....I here them now. More later.

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