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Monday, November 8, 2010

Quiet Week-end

Today is Monday and I head home down the long stretch of highway between here and there. Unlike Able I do stop now and then, walk around, look at things and go to the bathroom; no 'ups' for me.  Saturday night Audie and I shared night duty since Zach was gone for that night. I like night duty because Zane is so cuddly when he is sleepy. I don't do well when I have to do it often though; I need sleep, what can I say.
     Yesterday Audra and I did a little shopping at the fabric store for holiday things while Zach caught up on his lost sleep; Zane was along for laughs and giggles and did not disappoint. When we came home we made a couple of pear pies, one to freeze and one to eat.  We also watched all three Back to the Future movies as the long afternoon (due to the time change) dragged on and on; it seemed like it was two o'clock for an inordinate amount of time. Oh well. Zach's friend Adam, and his folks, stopped by for a quick visit on the way to the airport then I tried to get through all the laundry I needed to wash before heading home. I think we're done.
     I put away the queen sized air mattress down stairs (an event which probably could have earned me the ten thousand dollars on World's Funniest Home Videos if I had only set up a camera) and finished my book club book at last, only to find out that we are not having book club this month. That's okay; I enjoyed the book, True Blue by David Baldacci.  The ending was less than satisfactory as far as I am concerned but I don't remember getting a questionnaire from the publisher on that point. It was packed with action and suspense and not quite believable escapes from tight situations. I guess the heroine had a Superwoman outfit on under her clothes....that would explain it and I am sure she did.  I am ready for a different author now.

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