"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 11, 2010


    I awoke this morning to a cold rain falling, dripping off the roof onto to the wooden patio outside my bedroom door.  I snuggled deeper under the covers, listening to the music of falling water. Hours have now passed and it continues, gently watering the thirsty new wheat and cleansing the air of dust.
       My yard is absolutely glamorous in its ruffles of gold and brown leaves (which is usually all we have, no reds or oranges yet. I do have a few maples planted but they are too young for color).  The huge, old Mulberry which stands just outside this window still has all her leaves but they are turning golden  around the edges; very pretty.  The swing which hangs on ropes from her branches is my rain gauge. The longer we go without rain the lower the swing stretches. Today the swing has been lifted up to the perfect height again. The air is fresh and alive and the birds are huddled amidst the pine needles, feathers fluffed against the chill and songless. Today I go to find them stands for their feeders, as they will be my winter companions now that the cat has left us.
    A mile from where I sit, the green fields disappear into rain and fog; I can not see the next road. I will put the teapot on the fire and open that new book which my niece sent for me to enjoy. How cozy!  Hope you are all well and richly blessed on this fragrant autumn morning. Peace.

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