"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike." ~Maya Angelou

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Richly Blessed

Zane continues to heal. Most days are good days for him; he laughs and plays and sleeps, normal fare. The evenings are another story, not a happy camper for reasons we can not understand.  That's okay; evenings are like that sometimes I know.
     I help Audra when I can, so she can get some sleep after rough nights with the baby. We take walks in the crisp, rich air of Autumn; Zane seems to enjoy being outside as much as we do. Tonight is supposed to be the coolest yet.  I am still having strange dreams, and many of them, nightly.  I have always dreamed lots of dreams but nothing like these.  I am sure my mind is trying to sort things out, make some sense of all these events which seem so senseless to me still.
     I had a wonderful visit with my friend LouAnn, a dear spirit with whom I have shared a wonderful friendship for many years.  We walked down the gorgeous, treed paths of the Missouri Botanical Garden, stood beside the still waters, I breathing in the comfort that her spirit affords me, always. She is an honest listener and understands my heart very well.
    I have been richly blessed with friends in my journey through my lifetime; amazingly blessed. The Great Holiness that goes by so many different names surrounds me with light and pure love; without it I feel that I would fly apart in a moment.

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